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Monday, August 15, 2005

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The Hedgehog said...

Since you've banned comments from the above post, I'll have to comment below on this post. Regret any lack of continuity.

You're talking about clerical influence so what are you doing writing for the site of right-wing Islamists Bahrain Freedom Movement?

Abdulhadi Khalaf said...

The piece The New Amir of Bahrain Marching Sidways is published in
CIVIL SOCIETY (VOL. 9, No. 100, APRIL 2000).
The publishers, Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies (ICDS)do not store old issues on their site.

VOB website is one of several places where the article can be found.

I do not see the Bahrain Freedom Movement as a right-wing movement. But I do not want to question your reasons or your right to do so.

On the other hand I fail to see any link between my questioning the clerics-ruling family 'symbiotic' relationship and my publishing an article or more here or there.

Indeed, no one would consider the original publisher of the piece, Ibn Khaldun Center, as a hub of revelutionary leftism, although I consider the founder of the center, Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a great sociologist (alas not a leftist or revolutionary one!).



Scorpio said...

What made you choose to allow comments on some posts but not others?

Abdulhadi Khalaf said...

No specific reason. At least not a well thought one.
As a newbie I am just checking out my options.