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Thursday, March 08, 2007

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

>The six Postdoctoral Fellowships provide an
>outstanding opportunity for excellent young
>researchers who have recently gained (or are
>very close to gaining) a relevant PhD to
>contribute to the research programmes of CASAW.
>You will make an active contribution to the work
>of CASAW, pursue important new research
>trajectories, promote breadth and depth of
>understanding of the Arabic-speaking world, and
>undertake some teaching and administrative
>duties after your first year. You will also
>undertake collaborative interdisciplinary work.
>A number of the Fellowships will be converted to
>permanent positions after the expiry of research
>council support. Details are provided in the
>particulars for the posts.
>Applications are invited from suitably qualified
>individuals in the following key areas:
>Arab Diaspora Studies (Manchester, School of
>Social Sciences, four years), Modern Arab
>Cultural History (Manchester, School of
>Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, four
>years), Jihad and Martyrdom (Edinburgh, three
>years with an immediate start date available),
>Social and Political Activism (Edinburgh, two
>years), 19th Century Cultural Studies (Durham,
>three years), Middle East and Asian Security
>(Durham, three years)
>Further information and application forms are available from the following:
>For Edinburgh applications, please visit
> or telephone our answering
>service on 440131 650 2511.
>For Manchester, applications should be sent to
>The Directorate of Human Resources, Humanities
>HR Lime Grove, The University of Manchester,
>Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL. Application
>forms will be found on the website
>For Durham applications, please visit
> telephone our
>answering service on 0191 334 6499 or e-mail
>Closing date: 30 April 2007.

. Masters and PhD Awards

>Students will register from the outset with one
>of the three universities, which will be known
>as the primary institutions.
>The Centre provides a co-ordinated approach to
>teaching and research dealing with Arab World
>studies at both Masters and PhD level.
>Suitably qualified graduates are invited to
>apply for studentships for 1-year or
>2-yearMastersdegrees and for a combination of a
>1- or 2-year Masters degree, plus a 3-yearPhD.
>All of these studentships will be tenable from September 2007.
>If you already have a high degree of proficiency
>in Arabic, you are invited to apply for a 1-year
>Masters degree, which may be combined with a
>3-year PhD award, tenable in any of the three
>institutions. This will correspond to the second
>year of the2-year Masters' degree (see next
>The innovative 2-year Masters degree will
>comprise a first year in Edinburgh dedicated to
>intensive study of the Arabic language and
>guidance in research methods. Part of the first
>year will be spent in the Arab world.
>Thereafter, you will return to your primary
>institution for the second year of the degree.
>If successful, you will be offered the
>opportunity to continue into the PhD programme,
>which will also be funded by CASAW.
>You can also apply for a 4-year PhD award, which
>entails a preliminary 1-yearintensivelanguage
>training programme for students already holding
>a Masters degree with research training,
>followed by 3 years for the PhD.
>The CASAW grants will cover tuition fees, plus an annual stipend.
>You are eligible if you are a British citizen,
>or national from another EU member state and
>have completed three years' residency in Britain.
>Applicants for studentships should send a
>covering letter, CV, a copy of the complete
>on-line course application form and the names of
>two referees to
>before the closing date of 30 March 2007.
>Prospective PhD students should include a c.3000
>word proposal describing the research they plan
>to undertake. In order to be considered for a
>studentship, you must also have completed an
>on-line course application form for one of the
>three participating universities as listed on
>our website

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