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Thursday, February 28, 2008

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" Scholarship for Dissertation Project on Arab Satire within a Joint Project on Asian Satire in the Heidelberg “Cluster of Excellence²

The joint project ³Gauging Cultural Asymmetries:Asian Satire and the Search for Identity in the Era of Colonialism and Imperialism² forms part of the Heidelberg Cluster of Excellence on “Asia and Europe: Shifting Asymmetries in Cultural Flows³.

In close cooperation with six disciplines, comprising Japanese Studies (Arokay), Chinese Studies (Mittler), Modern Indology (Harder), History of South Asia (Dharampal-Frick), Islamic and Arabic Studies (Enderwitz) and Islamic and
Ottoman Studies (Ursinus), a group of researchers (primarily PhD students) will study how various Asian traditions used satire in their engagement with Europe and Europeans.

The project will begin in July 2008. Scholarships ranging from ¤1000 to ¤1400 per month (depending on academic and family status), will be granted for two years with an option of one additional year.

Applicants should hold an excellent MA or MPhil degree, be ready to enroll at Heidelberg University and actively participate in all curricular activities pertaining to the project. Applications for the sub-project on ³Ridiculing
the Powerful: Pashas and Khawagas in Satirical Writing from Egypt³ (Supervisor: Susanne Enderwitz) should be sent by 1st April, 2008, to:

Prof. Dr. Susanne Enderwitz, Seminar fuer Sprachen und Kulturen des VO,
Islamwissenschaft/Arabistik, Universität Heidelberg, susanne.enderwitz[at]

For details about the Heidelberg Cluster of Excellence, please consult A short summary of the satire project can be obtained by writing to the e-mail address given above. Along with the usual application documents, please send a sample of academic work (e.g. 10 pages of an MA/MPhil thesis) and a short exposé explaining how the dissertation topic would be tackled (max. 1000 words, with explicit reference to primary and secondary sources)."


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