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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Going beyond internet censorship

Bahraini ruling family is escalating its clampdown on opposition groups.
In the past it limited its censorship to blocking access to scores of internet sources.

In recent days government has gone few steps further in its endeavoures to stifle the same cyber communications. One such step is taking over the blocked site and transmitting a pro-government message.

I found and intesting message on the BahrainOnLine, one of most popular forums among young supporters of the opposition.

It is a photo of Sheikh Ahmad Al Fateh Mosque. (Ahmad the Conqueror).

It is something to reminde everyone that Bahrain a trophy of the 1783 conquest - the year the islands were conquered by the Al Khalifa and their tribal allies from mainland Arabia.

It is an ill-advised use of divisive symbols and painful history. It is reminding descendants of those vanquished 1783 that their rulers are their conquerors.

A very stupid message!

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