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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

BBC: Can UK do more to help alleged Bahrain torture victim?

British citizen is among dozens of Shia activists who have been rounded up by the Bahraini authorities and tortured for their alleged role in campaigning against the ruling family of the Gulf Arab state.

Jaffar al-Hasabi, a 38-year-old London mini-cab driver, has been charged under the country's harsh anti-terrorism laws, along with 22 others, with "forming an illegal organisation" plotting to "overthrow the government and dissolve the constitution" and fundraising for and planning to carry out terrorist acts

Mr al-Hasabi's wife has told Newsnight she believes the Foreign Office has held off doing more to secure his release because of British interests in the region, as Tim Whewell reports.

Broadcast on Thursday 23 September 2010.


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Dilmun said...

good job dr abdulhady
keep us with the latest news that happen in beloved countrey apprecaiting your concern and the clear view that you have in seeing the situation in this island