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Saturday, April 23, 2011

US-Saudi counter-revolution

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Fear and loathing in the House of Saud
By Pepe Escobar

Early last week, US President Barack Obama sent a letter to Saudi King Abdullah,
delivered in person in Riyadh by US National Security Advisor Thomas Donilon.
This happened less than a week after Pentagon head Robert Gates spent a full 90
minutes face to face with the king.
These two moves represented the final seal of approval of a deal struck between
Washington and Riyadh even before the voting of UN Security Council resolution
1973 (see Exposed: the Saudi-US Libya deal, Apr 1, Asia Times Online).
Essentially, the Obama administration will not say a word about how the House of
Saud conducts its ruthless repression of pro-democracy protests in Bahrain and
across the Persian Gulf. No ''humanitarian'' operations. No R2P
(''responsibility to protect''). No no-fly or no-drive zones.
Progressives of the world take note: the US-Saudi counter-revolution
against the Great 2011 Arab Revolt is now official.

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