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Monday, May 02, 2011

Incarcerating doctors in secret and without charge

. .Bahrain is accused of incarcerating doctors in secret and without charge
by Sophie Arie
(published in British Medical Journal)

Authorities in Bahrain are systematically arresting and “disappearing” doctors and nurses in an ongoing campaign to prevent medical professionals from treating people injured in pro-democracy protests, a new report says.
At least 32 medical workers have been arrested since street protests began in the small Gulf state in February, states the report, published on 22 April by the US based group Physicians for Human Rights.
Several doctors have been arrested and not heard from since, says the report. The surgeon Ali El-Ekri was taken from the operating room while he was performing surgery at Salmaniya …  Read the full article in British Medical Journal

BMJ  2011;342:d2681;     
Published:26 April 2011                                 

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