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Friday, August 19, 2005

Leaving for London

This weekend, I will leave for London to attend the seminar chaired by Lord Avebury, the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group, on Thursday 25th August 2005.
According to the invitiation the title of the seminar is : Bahrain: 30 years of unconstitutional rule

It will be exciting to meet Lord Avebury, a good friend of Bahrain and the Bahrainis, and all the other people who follow different aspects of political developments in our country.

The seminar will also be a good occasion to discuss with representatives what an aditor of a Bahrain daily calls “disenchanted Bahraini groups”.(the Arabic version of this editoral is more confused).

Like many post-colonial persons of my age, I love to visit my ex-colonial metropole. But a particular joy has been added to my visits to London since the mid-1990s.

I now realize that I enjoy a pivilge of sort. I can visit the UK any time I choose (at the discretion of my employer and the British consular services). But Bahrain’s prime minister cannot. Nay, thanks to the development of Ian Henderson case, our PM dares not even think of such a trip. There are many of us who wish he does.

In a way I feel good every time I pass through Heathrow and recall that the mighty PM of Bahrain cannot . For Khalifa bin Salman the nearest town to London is Dublin.

Here is an enchanted Bahraini person preparing himself to undertake a journey that his former tormentor cannot undertake.

See you in ten days.


Bahrania said...

Ustathi ilkareem....

I just found you're blog !

I'd like to make a few comments:

-in London you don't need permission to hold a gathering and u dont face threats of closure when you do

-if this gathering is so unnecessary then why does the government insist on sending 3 or 4 representatives every year

- He questions Lord Avebury's concern for Bahrain's civil liberties yet tens of British MPs are invited every year to Bahrain by Royal invitation to hail Bahrain's democratic efforts with a spanking new Rolex in one hand, and a great tan to take back to London. They seem to view the ex-colonials in a slightly different way then you do!

I hope you're meeting is fruitful. Good luck.

MR said...

Dear Dotor,

You can't drop an intriguing hint like that without providing some satisfying details, can you? Come on, what are these latest developments in Mr.IH case?

Anti Racism Action Manama said...

How can you justify sharing a platform with a party that has called for racial segregation in Manama with the removal of the city’s non-Bahrainis?

Were you aware of this before you accepted the invitation? If you did not know you should reconsider your participation.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...
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SillyBahrainiGirl said...
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chewbacca said...

Participants speaking on 'human rights':

Hassasn Mushaime - Islamist
Abdulhadi Khawaja - Islamist
Saeed Shehabi - Islamist
Ibrahim Shareef - former Maoist
Abdulhadi Khalaf - revolutionary communist

How many lives have been taken in the name of these ideologies? 20m? 30m? 50m? More?

Abdulhadi Khalaf said...

Bahrania ............

Good to hear from you. The meeting went better than expected. I will dot down something. I noted that several bloggers have already covered the London event (among others Chanad, Mahmmod and SBG). I probably write a commen in one of them later today.

mr ...........

I am sorry if my note read intriguing.
I did not mean to be cryptic. We have to patient Things are moving in the right direction. I hope to be in position to give more details real soon. To borrow a cliché, the wheels of justice are slow but when they move they grind well.

>Anti Racism Action Manama........

I ppreciate your concern for my integrity. Thanks, really.

Please send me your contact details so I can look you up when I am in Bahrain this Christmas holidays

you suggested that among participant speakers was "Saeed Shehabi - Islamist". He did not speak


McMenon said...

Keep up the good work. Good luck too.

aahat awal said...
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