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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

حفل تأبين الشهيدين محمد غلوم وسعيد العويناتي

تنظم يوم الأربعاء 7 ديسمبـر 2005م، في الساعة الثامنة والنصف مساءً.

جمعية العمل الوطني الديمقراطي
جمعية المنبر الديمقراطي التقدمي

حفل التأبين للذكرى التاسعة والعشرين لإستشهاد المناضلين محمد غلوم وسعيد العويناتي


يحب إلغاء قانون رقم 56 قانون الإفلات من العقاب

33,000 petition King Hamad


'Britain's Klaus Barbie' still walks free - Scotland's Ian Henderson has been accused of human rights violations, in connection with his security work for Bahrain - Brief Article New Statesman, Nov 29, 1999 by Rob Corbidge

The Butcher of Bahrain 1

The Butcher of Bahrain 3

دنـدنـة حــول العقيد الفـار عادل فليفـل

A debate on Bahrain in the British Parliamentو June, 1997



The Joker said...

Sir I would appreciate it if you could brief me and some other the younger readers on Mr. Ghuloom and Mr. Ouaynati may they rest in peace.

Abdulhadi Khalaf said...
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Abdulhadi Khalaf said...

Both died under torture while in custody of Bahraini security police, SIS. Mohammad died on December 2 1976. Saee died ten days later.
Their arrest was part of the general ressprion that followed the dissolution of Bahrain's parliament in August 1976.

After I return from this trip to Bahrain, I will write more details about the two and other victims of the black period in our history when the notoriously brutal duo: Ian Henserson and Khalifa bin Salman waged unrelentless three-decades long campaign on all opposition groups and human rights activist in our country.