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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Annual Seminar


Lord Avebury,
the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group

Cordially invites you to a seminar on

Codifying repression and dictatorship

Several speakers will address the seminar; Bahrainis and non-Bahrainis

12.00 PM, Wednesday 23rd August 2006

Committee Room 134,
2 Mill Bank,
London SW1P 3LX
(Annexe to the House of Parliament)


Hisham said...
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Hisham said...

Good to see Avebury still at it. I remember his visit to our house a few years ago. Well spoken and humble.

Hisham Khalifa

My blog, Looking for Dilmun @

But do tell, why does it say 2005?

Abdulhadi Khalaf said...

ooops! it 2006.

Thanks for noting my mistake.

I look forward to visit your blog