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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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New ISIM Fellowships

>The International Institute for the Study of
>Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) invites
>applications for ISIM Short-Term Fellowships.
>These are available to prospective ISIM PhD and
>Post-Doctoral Fellows, and are intended to
>develop research projects to be submitted to
>external funding agencies.
>ISIM conducts and promotes interdisciplinary
>research on contemporary social, political,
>cultural, and intellectual trends and movements
>in Muslim societies and communities. ISIM
>promotes and hosts research projects that are
>informed by a social science perspective, fit in
>with the general research profile of ISIM, and
>preferably are related to the specific research
>programmes directed by the ISIM Chairs ( see ).
>We are looking for candidates who:
>- have (recently) obtained an MA or PhD degree
(as appropriate) in the social sciences or
- are strongly motivated and well qualified to
develop a research project along the lines
described above;
- are committed to contribute actively to the
ISIM community of fellows, by participating in
ISIM seminars and other activities.
>For more details on the ISIM Short-Term
>Fellowships, please refer to the ISIM website
> under the link "Fellowships",
>or contact the ISIM secretariat:

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