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Friday, October 19, 2007

Stop US Congress VOTE from partitioning Iraq


Dear friends,
On September 26th 2007 overwhelming majority of US Senates voted to pass Senator Biden's amendment to PARTITION IRAQ along SECTARIAN and ETHNIC lines and it passed with overwhelming support of 75 to 23. In the NEXT 2 WEEKS the US Congress will be making a FINAL VOTE in a Conference Committee to pass the Biden's amendment.

We are a group of Iraqis, some are Iraqi-Americans, living in the Greater Washington DC Area committed to peace, equality, and unity of Iraq are alarmed by the recent Biden resolution in the Senate to 'soft partition' of Iraq. We are issuing the attached letter to US Congress expressing our disagreement to this colonial action to impose a partition of Iraq without allowing the Iraqi people to decide for themselves.

We also are urging U.S. Congress to DROP the Biden resolution before concluding the conference agreement on the FY08 Defense Authorization Bill in the next 2 weeks.
If you are an Iraqi, or of Iraqi descent or heritage, or a world citizen and wish to support the statement please urgently, indicate your sponsorship and support the call of the Iraqi voices.

Please sign the petition
to show your support and please spread the word. Our goal is to collect as many signatures as possible in the next couple of days to present to congress i with open letter.

Thanks you for your support.
Iraqi Voices for Peace