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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Palestinian Cause in 2 Minutes:


Dear all,

We have all received chain emails that promise to make us rich, lucky, save the world or help a child get treatment, if we forward the email to 8-10-20 people. Many have indeed forwarded some of those emails due to the “what if it’s true” logic.

Now here is an email that I ask you to treat as a chain mail, based on the “why not” logic. You may not consider this clip good, you may have some reservations on the content, but if you agree with the general message, please forward it to at least 8 people you know (preferably who support the Palestinian Cause).

This will not make you rich, it will not bring you good luck, nor will it save the world or secure funding for treating a sick child. The only thing it will get you is the knowledge that you participated in something worthy, that you are part of a worthy cause.
Please view, rate, post and digg the clip:

The Palestinian Cause in 2 Minutes:

................. Thank you