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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Annual Seminar on Bahrain


Lord Avebury,

the Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary HR Group


Baroness Falkner of Margravine

Cordially invite you to a seminar on

Bahrain: deterioration of human rights and public freedoms

Human rights situation is rapidly deteriorating with arbitrary detentions, allegations of torture, crackdown on activists and curtailment of public freedoms. Speakers include international lawyers who have recently witnessed the attacks on protesters

11.00 am Thursday 5th August 2010

1 Abbey Gardens (Annexe to the House of Lords),

London SW1P 3SE

For further information please contact: Lord Avebury: Email: ericavebury AT


I will participate in this event and will present a summar of the paper I
presented last week at the World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, WOCMES
, heldn in Barcelona, Spain, July 19-24.

The titel of my paper is "Tajnees, Naturalization as an instrument for
recruiting loyal subjects".



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heraish said...
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nhusain said...

Naturalisation is a method to give people equal rights and correct the imbalances in society. Just because a person is of a particular sect or language doesnt entitle him to special treatment.